Hi, I’m Lisa

I am a sought-after content developer and manager as well as a coach for professionals looking to develop their careers. I infuse energy and fun into all my projects and teams and coach and lead from the heart. I have a deep understanding of humans and how they process information and emotions and have a natural curiosity for people’s stories and growth.

With over 15 years of experience in content management and communications, I profoundly understand how words and images have meaning — content can truly make or break any relationship. This is why I put extreme care into all the content I help develop and manage to further a brand or to help my coaching clients. I love examining how the way we communicate can serve brands and people in their relationships, careers and goals.

Having grown up in Rome, Italy, and yet moving and transitioning to new places and locations a great deal as a child and as a military spouse, I became an expert reader of people. I can pick up on somatic and unspoken cues that most others miss. I use this ability to connect and draw out what lies beneath the surface for my clients.

Because my father was a lifelong public servant (US Army, NYPD and CIA) and my husband recently retired from the USAF, I love helping public servants who are in transition, most especially U.S. military service members as well as teachers. I appreciate how content can help further the careers and lives of these public servants. I strive to deliver thoughtful, helpful content to accelerate others’ career growth and brands every day.

How can I help you?

Personal Note:

I grew up in Rome and moved back and forth between America and Italy almost my whole life. I am a dual-citizen and adore almost everything about Italy, but I am also an American with a deep love for this country. Part of growing up in a very culturally mixed environment and school gave me an early respect and adoration for other cultures and celebrating our differences and equalities.